Financial and Management Accounting

Course Objectives

At the end of the course the student will have the ability to:

  • Prepare financial statements
  • Interprete and analyse financial statements
  • Produce a financial strategy for the organisation
  • Analyse business performance
  • Undertake costing analysis
  • Evalaute capital and investment plans
  • Plan and control the strategic aspects of the business

Course Content

Introduction to Financial Accounting
Concepts of accounting
Financial reporting
Preparation of financial statements
Accounting standards and reporting standards

Published Accounts
Treatment of:
     Short and long term liabilities
     Shareholders interests
     Cash Flow statements
     Current issues in financial reporting

Performance Analysis Ratio Analysis
Company and Industry performance and comparisons

Management Accounting
Costing and classification of costs
Forms of costing job and process costing
Absorption costing and Cost allocation
Activity Based Costing
Assigning Costs to activities
Standard costing

Decision Making
Decision making on Products
Decision making on costs

Measuring Performance
Evaluating customer feedback
Evaluating business and manufacturing processes
Incentive and bonus schemes

Planning and Control
Budget and Standard Costs reports

Capital Budgeting
Capital expenditure decision making
Strategic management and management accounting

Recommended Texts:

Book Title -: Cost And Management Accounting 5 th Edition
Author -: Colin Drury
Publisher -: University of Huddersfield
ISBN No -: 184480349X

Recommended Texts:

Book Title -: Accounting and Finance 5 th EditionA Firm Foundation
Author -: Alan Pizzey, Part time lecturer at Nottingham and Loughborough
Publisher -: University of Huddersfield
ISBN No -: 0826450768